Appropriate vision care during childhood will impact healthy eyes and vision for a lifetime. Dr. Peck enjoys seeing pediatric patients and agree with the American Optometric Association in that you should take your child to their first eye examination at six months of age, even if no eye or vision problems are suspected. Click here to schedule an eye exam today!

Children’s Vision

Proper child development begins with healthy eyes. An undiagnosed vision problem may be the reason why your child is having problems focusing on a task or having trouble in school. Even if your child has 20/20 acuity or has been screened at school, there may be an underlying vision problem. Dr. Peck is an expert at diagnosing pediatric problems related to ocular motility, amblyopia, lazy eye, strabismus or crossed eyes.

Children’s Eye Glasses

Fashion Optiks has eye glasses that are designed just for kids. Always keep in mind that it is best to choose the type of eyeglass lens before picking a frame. Our frames and lenses are durable and safe. Frames come in many brands and styles. Shopping for children’s glasses can be a lot of fun for both the child and the parent. Don’t forget about sunglasses for your kids. During childhood UV light from the sun can cause lifelong damage to the eyes.

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