Dr. Peck recognizes that fit and comfort are just as important as appearance and they make certain your new glasses fit your vision needs and lifestyle.

Fort Madison Eye Clinic has the latest styles of frames from today’s most popular designers. We are certain that you will find a frame that not only fits your style but your budget too.


Lens choices are endless and sometimes mind-boggling. Many special lens designs and lens treatments are available to meet the diverse needs and occupational demands of our patients. The doctor and optician will discuss with you the lenses that will best suit your prescription, and of course, your budget.

High Index Lenses

Thinner and lighter weight than standard lenses these materials offer many optical and cosmetic advantages. High index lenses are great for stronger prescription wearers.

Progressive Lenses

For presbyopia, also known as “over 40 eyesight”, Progressive (no line) lenses offer all the benefits of bifocals plus the cosmetic appearance of single-vision lenses. These lenses provide a full range of focus so switching from close up to far away is comfortable. No annoying line like traditional bifocals Progressive lenses work like the human eye, so your vision is natural, clear and comfortable at all distances.

Anti-Reflective Lenses

Glare…Reflections…they interrupt our vision and cause eyestrain.
Get crystal clear vision with Anti-Reflective Lenses. We get glare from computer screens, fluorescent lighting and from headlights when we are driving at night. It’s the light reflecting off our lenses. Scratch resistant on both sides and easy to clean. For more information about this technology, visit

Transitions Lenses

These lenses darken as you go from indoors to outdoors and provide 100% UV protection. Ideal all-around lenses, Transitions lenses are available for all types of prescriptions.

Polarized Sun Lenses

Block reflected light from water, roads, metals and snow. Especially useful for driving, fishing, hunting, most people can benefit from wearing these sunlenses. They reduce eyestrain by reducing reflected glare, thus improving visual comfort.

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