Dr. Peck is available at any time to care for your sick eye. The eye is susceptible to infection by many types of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Some infections are mild, while others can quickly cause permanent vision loss. Viral infections are more common than both bacterial and fungal infections. You can think of a viral eye infection as a “common cold” in the eye. Viral infections are contagious and cause watering, blurred vision and moderate discomfort. Bacterial infections are usually associated with greenish mucus discharge and a “meaty” red eye. Fungal infections are almost always related to foreign material entering the eye from a tree branch, leaf, or other type of vegetative material. While rare, fungal infections can cause damage quickly and need to be treated immediately. In most cases eye drops are successful at treating these infections, but early treatment is critical. Please seek care for a possible eye infection immediately. Dr. Peck provides emergency services 24 hours a day.
Please call (319) 372-2321 if you have an emergency.

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