What is a Cataract?

When your eye has a clear, normal lens, images are focused on the retina; vision is clear. If cataracts occur, the lens is cloudy causing images to appear to be blurred and yellowed. The cataract will also cause the images to be faded, and cause constant problems with everyday vision.

The Procedure…

Dr. Peck monitors your cataracts and can tell you if and when you are ready for the Cataract Surgery Procedure. If surgery is required, Dr. Peck will then refer you to a specialist that performs the surgery.

A tiny (no stitch) incision is made in the side of the cornea. This incision promotes faster healing and increased comfort during recovery.
The back of the lens is opened, and a special ultrasonic probe (phacoemulsifier) removes the blurred lens.
A small foldable artificial lens is inserted through the incision replacing the cloudy lens. The final replacement lens is now in place. No stitches are required to close the (no stitch) incision.


The blurred vision that was a problem before the surgery is now a thing of the past. Vision is clear, and the patient can resume normal activities that may have been a challenge before the procedure.

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